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Katahdin Capital

Independent Investment Advisors

Helping individuals take control of their investment outcomes


We provide diagnostic portfolio and relationship reviews to determine more cost-effective implementation options.

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Katahdin Capital - Global Investment Advisor

Katahdin Capital seeks to provide alternative solutions around traditional investments available to individuals in Australia where the returns are not highly dependent on rising equity markets.


Outsourced CIO Service
Outsourced CIO Service

Katahdin Capital acts as an outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO) serving families and institutions. Our conflict-free structure, sophisticated capability, and multi-million dollar purchasing power, have made us uniquely suited to harness market complexity and deliver a complete, custom designed investment solution- at little or no incremental cost.

We provide customized investment policy statements for all of our clients that governs the roles and responsibilities shared by all.

Having a qualified Chief Investment Officer who has practical experience across multiple global asset classes, provides a fundamental advantage in terms of both managing risk and achieving net-of-all-fee returns.

Tactical Advised Account
Tactical Advised Account

Katahdin provides investors a framework for capturing mis-priced risk in global markets. Tactical advised accounts are designed to provide sufficient flexibility to invest in global investment markets when underlying conditions and valuations justify investing.

Every great investor has an investment philosophy.  Katahdin's emphasizes global diversification, price risk, discipline, and patience.  Global diversification increases our opportunity set, allowing us to capture the worlds most compelling investment opportunities. Price is critical, because risk is a function of price. There is no asset that is a good investment at any price, and there is almost no investment that is not a good investment at some price. Discipline is critical because no investment philosophy will succeed unless it is consistently applied, especially when it feels uncomfortable. Patience is the hallmark of all great investors and allows Katahdin to capture a time arbitrage. This approach enables us to design globally diversified multi-asset class portfolios that are 100% transparent and held directly by our clients.

Put Option Program
Put Option Program

Katahdin Capital believes that taking a disciplined approach to selling out-of-the-money (OTM) exchange traded options is an investment strategy that delivers superior risk-adjusted returns over time. Significant monthly income returns from the put strategy can also greatly reduce the downside risk of falling equity markets.

Katahdin looks to write put options on securities we believe are undervalued, oversold, lightly levered and/ or income producing.  While we look globally for opportunities, the majority of the underlying securities are listed in the US, Europe, China/HK, and Australia.

Our quantitative price risk assessment identifies a short list of securities for further evaluation in terms of understanding the underlying volatility market to determine whether Katahdin believes it is getting the right compensation (premium) to take downside risk, and where Katahdin believes implied volatility is significantly higher than expected realized volatility

Many of Katahdin's put write candidates stem from the fundamental and quantitative analysis we conduct for our Tactical Advised Accounts, where there is a desire to own the underlying security on an outright basis.

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