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Katahdin Capital

Independent Investment Advisors

Helping individuals take control of their investment outcomes


We provide diagnostic portfolio and relationship reviews to determine more cost-effective implementation options.

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Frequently asked questions

More information is available upon request on the Outsourced CIO, Tactical Advised Accounts, and Put Option Program.

Below is a list of questions we generally field the most.

  • Does Katahdin have investment minimums?
    Katahdin is only allowed to work with Wholesale Investors as defined by Chap 7 of the Corporations Act of 2001. Investment minimums of 2MM apply for both the Tactical Advised Account, and the Put Option Program.

  • What does Katahdin do well?
    Katahdin excels at translating investment industry jargon and deconstructing overly complex investment solutions into ingredients and recipes that are more intuitive and less expensive for individuals to use.

  • Katahdin is a relatively new entity, is it safe?
    While Katahdin was established in 2012, it's founder has over 30yrs of global investment experience across all asset classes. Moreover, the assets we advise on are strictly held by third-party respected institutions, never by Katahdin.

  • Does Katahdin advise to invest overseas?
    Currently, the allocation to Australian equity is less than 6%. The Tactical Advised Accounts (TAA) invest in both developed and emerging markets. Since inception, returns of the TAA's have been negatively correlated to the ASX200 Index.

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LGAA Investments Pty Ltd AFSL #482823

Wholesale Investors Only 

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