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Have you lost confidence in your investment strategies?

Don't quite know where to begin?

Seeking More Transparency & Clarity?

Katahdin Capital

Independent Investment Advisors

Helping individuals take control of their investment outcomes


We provide diagnostic portfolio and relationship reviews to determine more cost-effective implementation options.

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Katahdin Capital

Katahdin Capital is an independent investment advisory firm that designs, implements, and helps manage tailored investment strategies for high net worth individuals and families across Australia.
We advise on the private wealth of affluent families, the pension and investable assets of their businesses and the foundations & endowments which they support.
Katahdin also provides management of All Weather Strategies.  These strategies include the Tactical Advised Account, and the Put Option Program.  These All Weather Strategies are constructed such that they are not solely dependent on rising equity markets to generate positive returns.
Katahdin's competitive advantage is its ability to provide transparent, conflict-free investment advice in a flat fee, or performance aligned arrangement.

When To Take Market Risk
When To Take Market Risk

For far too long, individual investors have not been fairly rewarded for putting their capital at risk and have had relationships with product sales oriented institutions. Unjustifiable fees and bad investment decisions, based on instinct rather than the rigor of logic and proven process, rob investors of the returns they can earn - Katahdin Capital changes all that.

Katahdin helps its clients by customizing investment solutions that fits their needs and goals with implementation options that provides 100% ownership and transparency.

Katahdins portfolio construction approach incorporates a building block methodology that results in a customized blend of income generating assets and growth assets that is cost-effective to implement.

Providing The Right Alignment
Providing The Right Alignment

Katahdin is committed to transforming an investment industry that serves intermediaries first, users of capital second, and providers of capital (investors) dead last.

Are you paying excessive fees, or know what the true cost of investment solutions should be? Are you fearful that your current mix of assets may not be appropriate for meeting your goals? If your investment assets haven't been reviewed in years, you may be interested in just getting a second unbiased opinion.

Although cutting costs to the bone shouldn't be the primary goal of a relationship review, costs nonetheless remain the only directly controlled variable in an investment plan, and should be linked directly to value provided.

All of Katahdin's clients who use Katahdin as their outsourced CIO, have cut investment related costs by over 50% across both advice and implementation channels.



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